Email Newsletters Targeted at New Subscribers to is the Cato Institute’s primary hub of resources on libertarian theory and history. The website includes a wide array of podcast episodes, books, blog posts, and articles all on libertarian theory and philosophy. also has an email newsletter in which visitors can subscribe to be kept up to date on the latest resources to come from as well as get access to podcast episodes and free reading materials. Below are some of the newsletters I’ve received from them recently:

As you can see, their newsletters provide access to a diverse range of content that would appeal to libertarian readers who have a great interest in libertarian ideas. While I personally have enjoyed their content thus far, I saw the potential for another approach. is an excellent platform that I think could serve as a welcome and source of learning for readers who are new to and somewhat unfamiliar with libertarian ideas. Not only does the website feature an awesome about page that eloquently outlines libertarian ideas, but also contains access to excellent introductory resources as well as different resource libraries that are grouped by’s featured topics to educate readers on specific issues important to libertarians.

I decided to use these resources to create a set of newsletters that would specifically be targeted at those who may vaguely consider themselves libertarian or libertarian-leaning, but don’t exactly know what it means to be a libertarian or what libertarians actually think on certain issues.

Check out what I did below:

An Introductory Email

This newsletter entry would be the first thing new subscribers to this email campaign would see.

As you can see, it starts with a simple question at the top to catch the reader who will want to learn more. The goal is for them to be drawn to the linked video and click on it to begin their educational journey.

As an added plus, I even included a button at the bottom that sends the reader to the about page if they click on it.

Exploring the Issues

This entry is specifically designed to educate readers on libertarian opinions surrounding specific current events, but it’s also meant to highlight’s featured topics.

Again, I begin with a question that the reader would have answered by engaging with the content in the email. Specifically, I direct them to’s resource page on immigration — one of the website’s featured topics.

This is an email that could be easily duplicated with all of the featured topics. You can see I even included a link below for readers to view all of the featured topics for themselves.

Access to a Useful Book

For this entry, I wanted to feature one of the Cato Institute’s most recently published books: Visions of Liberty.

Once again, I begin the email with a question that should draw the reader to the book which serves to answer said question. I also subtly include a link to all of’s free downloadable e-books.

At the bottom, I even provide an alternative for readers who are interested in the email’s content but may not have the desire to read the entire book: I link to all of the individual essays which are also available on the libertarianism website.


Doing this project was a hell of a lot of fun, as I’ve enjoyed visiting and consuming the resources they have to offer. When it comes to making an email newsletter, just always remember to keep it simple, grab the reader’s attention somehow, and have something to offer your subscribers. Thanks for reading!